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The original english Clarity Talks of Jeru Kabbal- Some recommendations for your selection- see table below.
(Da die Talks alle in englisch sind, steht hier die "Gebrauchsanweisung" auch nur in englisch zur Verfügung.)

These original recordings from ClarityWorkshops with Jeru Kabbal cover most aspects of the Clarity Process. Listening to Jeru's soft voice and his unique ability to transmit complex content with strikingly clear and understandable words will support you in your own process of waking up. You will feel a bit like actually sitting in a seminar with Jeru personally. These recordings are suitable to be listened to again and again. You will be surprised to discover always new aspects, as you move forward in your own development. Moreover, the messages will be received deeper in your subconcious by multiple listenings. Using these recordings will help you to maintain the gentle discipline of your ClarityWork, which Jeru found so important and hence recommended it to all participants of his workshops.

You can purchase each talk separately but we also provide a preselection of thematic sets as described below.

Category I: Basic principles of the Clarity Process
This set of talks covers the basic principles of the Clarity Process. These recordings have been carefully selected to support participants of clarity workshops or interested seekers in starting their journey. Jeru Kabbal himself explains the foundation of his work, which he has been developed and fine-tuned over decades. It is the best selection to start with, if you wish to use ClarityTalks. In other sections, you will find talks for advanced students or special themes. Of course, you can purchase each talk separately. The compilation of talks under different headlines is an offer from us, based on our experience and feedback from users. The basic principles encompass the role of the subconcious, the mechanics of memories and how you project them and form your reality, how fears and desires direct your life and that tyour life happens in this moment, here and now.

Category II: Letting go of the past
This set of talks goes beyond the basic principles. Jeru gives valuable insights on how to get rid of old attitudes, strategies and self-sabotage. He builds on the basic principles and takes the listener to the level in getting clearer. Jeru gives advice on how to make your subconcious your strongest ally in breaking through this web of old patterns. This compilation is primarily recommended for those, who are already familiar with the first package (basic principles). It is, however, no prerequisite.

Category III: Who you really are and how Existence is supporting you
This set is designed to support advanced students of the Clarity Process. The main theme is around finding out, who you really are, and to see how little you really have to do yourself and how well you are supported in your life by existence. As the stages of the Clarity Process are not building up on each other in a linear way, it is not possible to dedicate the different sets of talks to respective stages. You find parts of the content of these talks in all stages. Nevertheless, we recommend to listen to these talks when you are already familiar with the sets "Basic principles" and "Letting go of the past".

Deeper Dives: Here are a few subjects, to which Jeru has dedicated talks that can be subsumed under a common headline. If you like to dive deeper into one of those topics, we recommend to listen to the whole selection. This will give you a better picture and more inspiration.

Bonus talks: In this category, we recommend talks, that bring some of the previous topics with other wording. For example the „Angel-Series“, where Jeru was putting his content into a special metaphor of having some guardian angels.

The Quality of the recordings
The talks have been recorded between 1986 and 1998 directly in workshops with Jeru, often with very simple equipment. That material has been remastered from analog audio tapes as good as possible. The quality varies from talk to talk The sampling, transcribing, digitalizing, categorizing and remastering of Jerus material took many years of effort by many enthusiastic people. The ClarityProject wants to give special thanks to: Nirakar, Hans, Bernhard, Wolfgang, Nishkam, Tobias and Jörn.

How to get the talks?
The talks are for sale via this website. You can get all titles in an mp3/download format and a selection of ca. 30 titles in a CD-format. You can either order by ticking the talks via the website-shop, or by sending an email with your request and address to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!, Phone:00494651201088. Please list up the figure of the titles (Talk-Nr, left row of the table), you would like to have and mention the desired format (CD or download).
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Nr. Category Title Content Length, ca. Format
1 I The Nature of the Subconscious One of the major differences between humans and other living beings is the subconscious,the mind below the level of consciousness. We must become acquainted with this part in working on ourselves, or we will remain its victim. The subconscious is like a computer whose programs never wear out, but can be changed. 56:00 min CD & Download
2 I The Story of your Life Birth - the major impact on your life
We lived nine month in mothers womb like in paradise. Then suddenly the stress started. Birth is a trauma that everybody had to go through and that effects our subconsciousness a whole livetime.
46:00 min CD & Download
3 I The Green Dragon and the 4yold Releasing the Fears of the Inner Child
Most of us are still projecting the same desires and fears we had as children, only we dress them up in adult clothing. We also tend to fear the same "dragons” we experienced as children (helplessness, dependency, etc.) When we learn to be in the NOW we can see how little we really need to fear, and that most of our ”problems” are memories of the Inner Child who still believes in the green dragon under its bed.
61:00 min CD & Download
4 I Stop Projecting the Past onto the Present How to stop repeating the same mistakes
It is discouraging to see how much of our lives consist of projections from the past. But by bringing repressed memories to the conscious level we can re-programme our computer/mind.
This can bring us out of the dream of the past and into the reality of the moment. Understand who your are today by letting go of the childhood memories. Everything is different today but your mind probably doesn`t know yet.
32:00 min CD & Download
5 I The Nature of desires How desires prevent you from bloss-oming. Desires and fears are different sides of the same coin. Wanting something is driven by the fear of not getting it. Most if not all of your desires is powered by your childhood memories. If you follow a desire to its root, you will see that it is coming from your first experiences of not getting something. 30:00 min Download
6 Deeper Dive I Emotions Relationship
- a Tool for Clarity
Towards More Love and Openness
Our major patterns and deepest programs are rooted in relationship. Generally our relating patterns were formed in our immediate family. We tend to attract lovers that fit into the family roles and often repeat those patterns no matter how painful and destructive they might be. Honest relationships can give us the opportunity to change these patterns and allow true love.
64:00 m CD & Download
7 Deeper Dive III Fear of the positive Why limit your Potential - How to stop sabotaging yourself
As children we learn to hold ourselves back in order to conform to desires and the conditioning of family and of society. Often, experiencing happiness becomes linked with expectations of punishment. We may wonder why happiness is so fleeting and often actually scary. In learning to work with the subconsciousness we can reverse those early decisions to hold ourselves back. Its never too late to blossom.
46:00m CD & Download
8 Deeper Dive III Fear of the positive Manifesting versus dropping Desires Why Arent You Getting What You Want?
We are already excellent manifestors. The reason we don´t get everything we want is that subconsciously we are afraid to get it. We actually prevent ourselves from getting it. We only need to stop ”anti-manifesting“. The expertise we already have and are already using can then be applied to all aspects of our lives.
58:00 min CD & Download
9 II Dehypnotherapy
- a new Perspective
Freeing Ourselves of the Hypnosis of the Inner Movie
The vast computer in our minds (the subconsciousness) is still running the same programs we put in as infants. This is what we call the ”movie”. By separating the movie from reality we eliminate most of our problems instantanously. Jeru shares valuable insights for seeing the difference and tells how to eliminate irrelevant programs.
55:00 min CD & Download
10 II Staying in Balance How to Enjoy What You Already Have
Everything the mind worries and thinks about is related to survival. It is surprising to the mind to discover that we are actually meeting our survival needs very easily.
Once the mind sees this, fear and tension melt away and what was once an effort becomes a celebration of aliveness.
44:00 min CD & Download
11 Deeper Dive II Body The Body as a Strategy Change Your Mind, Change Your Shape
Our bodies are shaped by our minds, based on the raw material given to us at birth. The body becomes an expression of our personality and strategies. Much of the tension from birth is still in the body and influences it in major ways. It is almost impossible for our bodies to change if the subconscious is still holding on to an idea of how we should look or feel.
43:00 min CD & Download
12 Deeper Dive II Body Dehypnotherapy and the body Changing the Bodys Image of Itself
The body and the mind reinforce each other. As children we were influenced by and imitated the bodies around us. Family illness is a strong hypnosis. Working with the body becomes more effective by working with the attitudes that shaped the body. Visualization is a powerful tool for speaking to the subconsciousness.
62:00 min CD & Download
13 Deeper Dive I Emotions Sexuality Sexuality is a form of natural, creative life energy. Mostly it is more or less repressed in our society and that may lead to a lot of problems.It is necessary to put sexuality into the right place. 51:00 min CD & Download
14 II Helplessness is the only Issue We always think, that we have so many problems. But if we dive down to the roots of all our inner turmoil, we find, that helplessness is the only issue. That means, that you do not need to work on millions of issues, but only on one. 74:00 min CD & Download
15 Deeper Dive II Body Illnesses, Accidents and Incapabilities Illnesses and accidents mostly are signals of our subconscious mind To deal with these signals in a manner of presence and awareness can immensely change your wellbeing. 46:00 min CD & Download
16 I The Past is a Myth Nobody has ever experienced anything in the past. Nobody has been in the past, has touched or seen the past. It is one of the biggest myth of mankind. And it is so powerful as everybody belives in it. But in truth, there is no past. Everything that has ever happened, has happened in the now. What we call past, is a mere memory of something that has happened in the now. With htis talk, Jeru initiates a paradigm shift in our world-view. 31:00 min Download 
17 III The Light that you are We are not our story, we are not our thoughts, we are not our memory. What we really are is something beyond all that we can observe. The light is always there, but as long as it is covered with memories, it cannot shine through. The purpose of our inner work is to dismantle the light, so you can see it shine. 50:00 min CD & Download
18 Deeper Dive I Emotions On Emotions Don´t be a slave of your inner movie!
Jeru talks on the nature of emotions. Are they real, or just a matter of phantasy? What is the difference between real life and emotions? Do not waste your life on "plastic-flowers", but focus on this real moment! Get out of your inner movie and enjoy life, instead of living in memories of your infancy.
60:00 Min CD & Download
19   The Treasure Map Running to fulfill your desires does not work"
We are all following a treasure map and hope to find something that could complete our life. The more you run after your treasure, the further away it gets. Stop chasing the rainbow, be still and enjoy everything you ever wanted: your life! In this talk, Jeru uses a different metaphor to explain the main idea of his Clarity work.
45:00 min CD & Download
20 I You lead a Double Life Mind, Body and You are experiencing different worlds
Have you already noticed? You, your body and your mind are living in totally different "worlds". Jeru points out, that it is very helpful to realize the fact, that you are living different lives simultanously.
62:00 min CD & Download
21   You are the only Doorway-Principles on the Path We always think, that we have so many problems. But if we dive down to the roots of all our inner turmoil, we find, that helplessness is the only issue. So the feeling may disappear to have a mountain of work to do. 59:00 min CD & Download
22 III The Longing for Enlightenment Be prepared for the ultimate blossoming Everyone has a longing to "come home". By trying to achieve something, like power, money, fame... we try to fulfill this longing. But that does not work. Most people exclude for themselves the possibility to become enlightened. Jeru points out, that enlightenment is our natural state we can easily slip into. 28:00 min CD & Download
23 II Wake up from your Dream The caterpillar becomes a butterfly
Jeru gives a clarification about how to wake up. We have to recognise, that our subconscious mind is constantly living in a dream. So it is a decision of our conscious part to decide wether we want to wake up or not.
70:00 min CD & Download
24 Deeper Dive IV after the seminar Reminder Staying alert after the course”
Jeru reminds participants of a long training course, what they can expect when they leave the course and how they could maintain their deep experiences in their daily life. A valuable reminder that helps to stay alert. Listen to it frequently!
47:00 min CD & Download
25 Deeper Dive IV after the seminar Deciding to Wake up Are You Ready for Lifes Ultimate Challenges?
Waking up or realizing ones true nature is responding to the moment rather than reacting automatically. If we arent truly aware then we are on ”automatic pilot”.
Becoming Self-Realized is a full time job and the most difficult in life. Being aware of whats really needed helps keep priorities straight. Commitment works.
66:00 min CD & Download
26 III On Being and Becoming Focus on what you are instead on what you want to become "
On being and becoming We always want to become something...in our personal achievements or our career. Jeru suggests, that we change our focus on being who we are. Here and Now
35:00 min CD & Download
27 III Mind Body Godliness Living three aspects simultaneously
Jeru points out that we are living three different aspects simultaneously: Mind, Body and Godliness. He gives useful insights how to be more conscious about that and what it means for our live and our awakening.
38:00 min CD & Download
28 III Freedom versus Unity What does freedom mean to you? Be precise on what you really want. If you look behind your desire for freedom, you will see, that you actually never wanted to have it. Jeru surprises us with his logic about this issue and opens us up for a new perspective. 25:00 min CD & Download
29 Special Topics Witnessing Watching yourself is the knack Watching yourself as often as possible and see, that you are not your body or your mind. This is the exercise which is highly recommended by Jeru and many other spiritual masters. 77:00 min CD & Download
30 III Unity The Story of the little Fingernail
If you hear the story of the little fingernail, that thought it was all alone responsible for its duties, you see clearly, that it is quite silly to think, that you are the only one who gets your life going.
49:00 min CD & Download
31 III Existence is taking Care We develop in stages through the ClarityProcess®. First you will discover your abilities and see, that you are a capable adult and not the helpless infant anymore. Going deeper you can experience, that existence is doing the whole job. 22:00 min CD & Download
32 III Existence is doing all the Work The most important things are being done for you. Your heart is beaten, you are being breathed etc. When you listen to this talk from Jeru, you will realize, that Existence is doing all the work for you. When you really get this on a subconscious level, everything else becomes a celebration. 22:00 min Download
33 II The inner Life creates Experiences Your whole life takes place inside you. By your projections and judgements, you are barely experiencing new things, but just repeating, what you know already. Moreover, you are training your environment to treat you, as you subcounciously expect it, based on your memories. This talk explains how this self-fulfilling prophecy works and how you can get out of this vicious circle. 54:00 min Download
34 Deeper Dive I Emotions Emotions are Body Chemistry All your emotions are in the first place body chemistry. Once the chemical cocktail floods your body, you interpret it as emotion and try to rationalize it with a recent experience. In reality, the chemical cocktail was most likely caused by a childhood memory and has nothing to do with the here and now. Jeru explains this mechanisam and how to observe it. 32:00 Min Download
35 Deeper Dive IV after the seminar Recognizing Feelings as old Memories Clarity work does not mean, that you will feel better and better. You will encounter backlashes and healing crisis. But this is a good sign. Don't let it discourage you. Be grateful for that, even if it means you go back to the pits from time to time. This talks provides a great source of energy for those, who continue to apply clarity tools at home. 45:00 min Download
36 Tools Focus on your Breath This is a practical excercise with Jeru. Learn how to observe your breath while you are quiet, while you are listening and even while you are speaking. This will support you in bringing more presence to your daily live interactions. 19:00 min Download
37 II A Foot on the Brake By experiences in your infancy and childhood, you have developed attitudes and strategies that are still affecting your life today as an adult. Most of these attitudes are limiting your life and have the effect of having a foot on the brake while moving forward. This is also true, if you are already on the path of inner growth.   Download
38 Deeper Dive III Fear of the positive Your greatest Fear Jeru explains the impact of our greatest fear in the search for clarity: the fear of the positive. This might surprise you, but Jeru manages to shed some light into this topic with simple words and meaningful examples.Moreover, he gives you some pragmatic hints, how to encounter the fear of the positive. 46:00 min Download
39   The Blind Elephant In India, Elephants are used to support farmer`s work. After birth, they are tied with a rope to a stick, so they cannot escape. They become so used to this "prison" that they grow up with the idea of not being able to move away, as long as there is a rope around their leg. However, as grown up elephants, they could easily do that. Not even a tree could stop them. But they don`t do that. The conditioning is preventing them from trying. Jeru uses this metaphor to explain the conditioning of our human mind. 56:00 min Download
40 II There is no 4year Old There comes a point in the process of getting clear, when it is time to drop the concept of the 4 year old. Indeed, there is no 4 year old. There is just a computer, which has been programmed by a 4 year old, hence has the mentality of a 4 year old. Jeru is perfectly blunt about that and gives valuable hints of how to integrate this step change. 64:00 min Download
41 II Three Danger Areas on the Path to Clarity Jeru explains three traps, you can encounter on your path to Clarity: the excavation principle, your inexperience with suppressed memories and the reaper syndrome. It is very helpful to be aware of these danger areas, to not get lost on your way of inner growth. 47:00 min Download
42 Deeper Dive IV after the seminar How to proceed from Here It is highly recommended, to install a gentle Clarity discipline after the seminar. Some routines can easily be implemented into daily live. In this talk, Jeru discusses some possibilities to do exactly that and as well some "don'ts" which might weaken your ClarityWork. Finally, he comes to the conclusion, that the right attitude makes the difference. 87min Download
43 Deeper dive IV after the seminar What to do at home When you return home after a Clarity seminar, you can greatly support your inner growth by applying a gentle discipline. If you stop using clarity tools totally, there is a great risk to be overtaken again by your subconsciousness. If you manage, however, to develop a certain routine and stay in contact with your fellows, the chances to move forward on your path are much higher. 88:00 min Download
44 Deeper Dive II Body On Nutrition/Food This talk is about the meaning of food in the process of waking up. Jeru talks about eating as need vs. eating with the mind. Conscious eating allows you to increase your energy level and thus enables you to reach a stage of higher conciousness more easily. Jeru advertises to see food as something, your body needs and not as a gratification for your mind. 62:00 min Download
45 II Be grateful Gratefulness is a powerful meditation, that can resolve your whole movie at once. Our mind is programmed to want something continously. If we follow this programme, we will never be satisfied. If you stay in the moment, you will see what you have already. And if you start to be grateful, the energy can start to flow in a different direction. You can start to give, which is your natural attitude as adult. 19:00 min Download
46 Special Topics Labelling versus Understanding Jeru points out, that we do not really understand our environment. Instead, we put labels on everything we see and experience, which prevents us even more from understanding it. In the end, he comes to the conclusion, that we do not really need to understand anything - a relief. This talk is highly recommended before or during a walk in nature. 26:00 min Download
47 III The Big Picture Wake up instead of improving yourself within your dream. Most therapies want you to fix your problems in the dream. It cannot work like this.
When you wake up, not only your problems will be gone, but also the person having the problems will be gone. You will become the genuine person of light that you are. Find out who you are. You are not, who you used to be. You are something beyond that. And you know it. Be clear about the fact that you need to wake up in order to find what you want.
45:00 min Download
48 Special Topics Meditation is seperating from Thoughts Meditation allows you to seperate yourself from your thoughts. You see reality always through your own glasses. The is no objectivity. Becoming aware of your glasses and recognize the difference between your fantasy and reality is the purpose of meditation. 35:00 min Download
49 Special Topics Doing through Nondoing Jeru talks about non-doing or Wu-Wei. This does not imply that you do nothing and hope to get spoon-fed by existence. It means the realization of everything, that is being done for you. You are doing it, but at the same time not doing it. The best examole is your breath. 57:00 min Download
50 Deeper Dive IV after the seminar Don´t judge yourself In this talk, Jeru speaks to Clarity Stage 4 participants shortly before the end of their training. He stresses, that nobody should try to be perfect after the returning home and not even try to improve. It is all about staying in the moment. This talk is meant to encourage participants to not judge themselves if they regress into memeory even after an intensive retreat. 43:00 min Download
51 Special Topics On Chakras In this talk, Jeru explains the energy flow in our bodies and focuses on the Chakras. He makes a connection to blocks, which are caused by fears of the 4 year old. Finally, Jeru guides the audience through the 9 Charkas (Sufi-System) and explains the location of each Chakra. 36:00 min Download
52 Special Topics On Energy What are you doing with your energy? Are you building it up and let it flow in the here and now or are you feeding your dream with it. There is only one source of energy: the here and now. If you give energy to your memories, you are actively redirecting it from the here and now. Jeru explains this in detail and provides constructive ideas how to deal with it. 46:00 min Download
53 I Powerlessness, old strategies You are perceiving and interpreting your world through your own filters. Most of our experiences are in fact re-experienced memories and have nothing to do with the here and now. Jeru guides a group to try that out and gives advise how to get out of it. He answers a lot of questions. If you stay in the moment, you have the power of the moment. The moment you get into your mind, you get in powerlessness. In the talk, Jeru explains how you can very practically stay im the now. 58:00 min Download
54 III Relaxing into Enlightenment Relaxing is the shortest way to enlightenment. Jeru explains the way how real relaxation works, how you can support it and what the trapfalls are. 42:00 min Download
55 II On Mother Jeru talks about the importance of the relationship to your mother. The mother who gave birth to you is a totally different person from the mother you have now or who you remember from recently. Yet the mother, with whom your subconcious is concerned is the mother from the time you were born. The relationship to this mother formed your deepest attitudes 14:00 min Download
56 I The Nature of memories Memories of the past are not the past. When your inner view is fixed on a a photograph of an event (we call it memory), your subconscious believes, that this is happening now. But the truth is: This moment is long ago and that what has been recorded is no longer (a-) life. 23:00 min Download
57 Special Topics On meditation In this talk, Jeru gives some insights on meditation and the meaning of it in the Clarity Process. Meditation means to be able to watch the mind without being carried away. Commitment is needed! Jeru answers questions of the participants on this topic. 60:00 min Download
58 III Your body is the miracle Your body doesn`t need the mind. Everything in your mind is irrelevant to the body. Your mind is a useful instrument, but it shouldn`t dominate your life. Getting clear means to put the mind in a proper perspective. 39:00 min Download
59 I Memories are pictures Your subconciousness stores pictures of everything you experience in your life. It's like collecting photos. But these photos are not the experiences. Yet your subconciousness believes, that these photos are real. It is one of the basic principles of clarity work to understand that your memories are just pictures and cannot harm you. Jeru gives a brilliant talk on this principle. 36:00 min Download
60 I Overview In this tape, Jeru gives an overview on his Clarity Process. This includes the functionality of memories, the inner movie, fear of the positive and living in the Here and Now. 33:00 min Download
61 Tools The Trapdoor Game Jeru speaks about deisres and introduces the Trapdoor Game, which is a powerful tool to get to the root of a desire. 30:00 min Download
62 Special Topics On news and media Jeru talks about the negative impact of news and media in general on our attempt to get clear. 16:00 min Download
A1 Bonus Track Angel of Subconscious   33:00 min Download
A2 Bonus Track Angel of Imagination   89:00 min Download
A3 Bonus Track Angel of Mirroring and Self Creativity   48:00 min Download
A4 Bonus Track Angel of Now   64:00 min Download
A5 Bonus Track Angel of Relaxation   47:00 min Download
A6 Bonus Track Angel of Higher self   37:00 min Download
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